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About Binexus Club

Founded in Russia, a unique cryptocurrency which is going to revolutionize the world of coinmarket,
offering maximum benefit through cryptocurrency trade and investment.


Binexus: Future of Cryptocurrency

Binexus cryptocurrency is not only trading platform, but an opportunity to maximize your profit through several options like Masternode Reward program, Binexus Wealth Program and Binexus Trade. Binexus not only offer wealth opportunity, but also provide education on cryptocurrenices in the market, their risk and profit through trading platform. Binexus Club founded in March 2017 with the aim to offer one stop solution to everyone in the market under decentralized financial revolution.


Binexus Masternode Program

It’s an excellent opportunity for every pre-sale participant to maximize the profit after depositing Binexus coin for 6 month, 9month and 12 month getting profit out of storage.

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Binexus Wealth Program

There are so many cryptocurrenices today in the market only 2% of the coins exists in $1 billion + market capital, Binexus club aims to be the part of that 2% club through worldwide community.

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Binexus Trade Platform

Cryptocurrency is the fastest profit making platform in today’s era, therefore security of wallets and transactions is the major challenge. Our multiple platforms are designed with high security features.

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Binexus Coin Specification

COIN Name : Binexus
Coin Symbol : BNXS
Internal Exchange : BinexusTrade Exchange
External Exchange : HitBTC / YoBit/CoinExchange
Coin Supply : - POW: 32,000,000, POS: 3,000,000
Algorithm : X11 script
Starting Price : $10
Pre-Sale Price : $6
Mineable : Premined.

Features of Binexus Exchange

Binexus offers you unique cryptocurrency trading platform where you can buy, sell Binexus using BTC, BCH and ETH,
also you can store your cryptocurrenices in safe and secure mode.


Multiple cryptocurrenices

Trade of Binexus coin with Send and Receive option of Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Ethereum.


Muti-Segwit Wallet

Highly secure wallet as of high level of encryption technology to safe the coins in the wallet.


Multiple Platforms

Exchange will be available in several platforms like web wallet, Android wallet and iOS wallet.


Ease of

Binexus trading platform is designed to easy signup, trade with secure login features.


Brings you the first unique cryptocurrency build in X11 Technology, offering multiple ways to earn profit like
Trading, Masternodes, Merchant and Affiliation Program.

Why choose Binexus Club?

As Binexus is reaching globally, so is community is increasing with the time and more and more new member are reaching the platform of Binexus, because Binexus profit not only limited through trading but also through affiliation and Masternode program.

Best Affiliation Program built on alt-coins

When there is a huge demand of coin in the market and supply is limited, so the market value of the coin goes high, its similar case of Bitcoin and ethereum, only major factor that predicts the growth is demand and supply, So Binexus community is increase the demand resulting increase in price.

Upcoming top 5 ranking cryptocurrency

Binexus club is the only cryptocurrency out of all cryptocurrenices in the coinmarketcap, which gives you to maximize your profit through every segment of financial world.

Excellent Predicted growth & Marketcap

There are more than 1600 cryptocurrenices the market, not all cryptocurrenices have same concept as of Binexus. Binexus coin is based on hybrid technology i.e., POW+POS, making offering pre-sale program for public to make ease of maximum profit through trading.